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While our Life Groups create an environment where we live out the “one another” statements, including caring for one-another, some needs do go beyond the scope of what a Life Group can provide.

If you have a need that you would like to communicate to the leadership, please send us a message below.  This could include prayer requests as well.

Also, we specifically want to provide help and encouragement in the areas of Marriage, Money, and Parenting.


Marriage: If you would be interested in some personal counseling or marriage counseling, we do have an in-house licensed counselor, Dee Weaver.  Click HERE and go to the bottom of the page to get her contact information.

Money: If you would like some assistance in making a financial plan, click HERE to get Pastor Eric’s contact info.

Parenting: If you would like to talk to a pastor about some parenting tips, click HERE to get Pastor Eric’s contact info.

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